Let’s Empower Young Women

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This image is from the @BeatingEatingDisorders Instagram page

The text in the image above speaks volumes about one of the issues that plagues our generation’s youth.

From our formative years through adulthood, we are taught that our value as human beings hinges on how closely we match our culture’s beauty ideals. We spend a massive chunk of time pursuing perfect bodies and then we dare to question why our lives feel so empty. 

What would happen if the young people of our generation were taught to define themselves by the way they love and care for others, and by the laughter and joy they share?

What would happen if they spent less time fretting about their bodies and more time pursuing meaningful goals and passions—placing social justice, service, and global peace at the top of their priorities?

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Quite frankly, I believe that if we empowered our generation’s youth with compassion (toward themselves and others) and acceptance (toward themselves and others), we could decrease the prevalence of body shaming and body hatred.

That’s why I am so proud to be a Young Women’s Leadership Challenge (YWLC) conference facilitator. At these 6-day conferences, young women learn what it means to be compassionate social entrepreneurs, peace-builders, and globally-minded individuals.    Each day, the girls hear from expert speakers and engage in interactive, eye-opening activities that empower them to create their own service project, called the Take Action Challenge (TAC). The curriculum looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.33.54 AM

Throughout my three years working as a conference facilitator at the YWLC conferences, I have watched young women’s outlooks on life be transformed throughout these 6 days and beyond. In fact, every time I go through the conference, feel transformed and ready to take on this world’s issues, along with my own personal issues, with strength and self-confidence.

Because the purpose of this blog is to promote self-compassion and body acceptance, I feel that I need to share with you this wonderful program that empowers young women to pursue their inner goals and passions—all while promoting self-compassion and body acceptance.

This July 10th-16th, I will be facilitating the 5th annual YWLC conference at Rice University in Houston. With 40 girls attending the conference, this is going to be our largest conference yet!

Another special characteristic of YWLC is how diverse the program’s attendees are. It’s magical to see so many different cultures, ethnicities, personalities, and social groups coming together to make an impact on their communities. At this year’s Houston conference, 30 of our YWLC attendees are on a need-based scholarship. Among these students are refugee youth.

For this reason, I wanted to share with you all the CauseVox fundraising page that I have created to help put our YWLC attendees through the program: http://pangea4change.org/karina-pinzon

Your generous contribution will empower girls in Houston with the skills to become self-compassionate leaders, who care about global issues and social justice.

Would you consider empowering a girl, or sharing the CauseVox page so that others can help empower a girl? Any amount is a huge help! Please help me reach my goal of $500.

$500: Pays for 1 student to attend the YWLC summer conference + program costs

Even though it costs $500 for a student to attend the conference, absolutely any amount helps. You can donate here: http://pangea4change.org/karina-pinzon ; and you can learn more about the Young Women’s Leadership Challenge program here: http://empowered2lead.org

This is a photo from our Dallas conference that was held earlier this month. We were on our way to volunteer at the North Texas Food Bank!

Thank you so much for your support and for helping me promote body compassion in our community!

The Pangea Network: https://thepangeanetwork.org

Young Women’s Leadership Challenge: http://empowered2lead.org

CauseVox page: http://pangea4change.org/karina-pinzon




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